1. Consult

Any piece of work needs to start with a conversation. We will consult with you to understand your business and your requirements. We will also provide ideas and guidance for you to help you decide what will work best for you.


2. Content

Once we've established a direction for the website, we'll need to assemble some content to describe what you do. Normally, you would provide the initial draft although we do have copywriting services available at an extra charge. In any case, we would help you in deciding what content you need and how to make it readable.


3. Design and Build

With the content ready, we can start to design and build your website. We'll carry this out on a separate server so your customers won't be able to access it until you're happy to sign it off.

4. Review

When we've completed the design and build and updated your site with content and images, we'll send you a link along with any comments or questions we have. You can then review the site and we can agree any changes.


5. Launch

After you've reviewed the site and we've made any updates, your site is ready to go live. We'll move it over to the live server so that your customers can see it.

Got Questions?

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